Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Edition of Me Likey/Me No Likey

♥I am IN LOVE with the Black Apple’s pinback display and her new original. The latter needs to be placed in Vivian’s nursery tout de suite. Delia reminds me of V a bit. I'm goin' for it at her next shop update for reals. I'm not optimistic, but one can hope.-Ugh. They are RE-MAKING Let the Right One In!!! WTF??? I am so upset. I received the book and DVD from my bro and SIL for my b-day, and I made my parents watch it. They really liked it too! We agreed that the setting being in Sweden makes the film.

♥Speaking of Sweden—I wanna go to there. Like now. Denmark and Norway too. Like a Scandinavian travel bonanza. Think anyone would miss me if I just took off??? I can dream, no? I just want to tuck my sweater into my pants without persecution. Is that too much to ask?

-UGH. I hate politics. And politicians suck. I want Sarah frigging Palin to GOOOOO AWAYYYYYYYYY. Anonymous comments supporting her will promptly be deleted. If you are going to stick up for her, you must face the embarrassment of everyone knowing exactly who you are. And speaking of crappy politicians, something happened in the way of a corrupt government official in the municipality for which I work. This totally SU-HUCKS because this guy has ALWAYS been shady, and it reflects poorly on our city, which, in my opinion, is a GREAT city with some wonderful people in it. Shame what some people will do for the almighty buck.

♥On a whim, Ryan ordered the book "When You Were Small" by Sara O' Leary for Q. I didn't even know, however, I had heard about it. It's lovely. He done good. My favorite page (and Q's for that matter): "When you were small we let you sleep in one of my slippers. The left one. you used a fuzzy wash cloth for a blanket and a tea bag for a pillow."


Amelac said...

Ethan bought that book for Ramona too (of course). Love her illustrations!

Sara O'Leary said...

Hey, thanks for the nice mention! Julie's fantastic, isn't she? And right now she's working on the new book in the series which is going to feature a "little" girl. Can't wait to see what she does with it.
all the best,