Monday, July 6, 2009

I Want to Be the Girl with the Most Cake

Inspired by Kat’s tune-titled blog posts, I have made my own. Well, except it’s a lyric, not a song title, per se.

But I digress.

Photo courtesy of Paula Wirth via Flickr

Yesterday was my birthday (yay me), and it was the first year in which I felt pretty blah about my birthday. We did go to my parent’s, got to have a date night (on Friday) filled with mojitos and bad movies (ugh, Year One…), and I did get a lovely cake decorated with yellow buttercream roses. But it just wasn’t the same. I’m thinking that maybe I am enjoying the girl’s birthdays so much that there isn’t enough excitement left for my own. I find this pretty pathetic. Here’s to making my special day more of a conscious celebration next year. It will be a Monday, so I WILL be taking the day off.

As for my blog post title, I think I won hands down after this weekend. Blurgh. I am down, ladies and gentlemen, but I am not out! Onward to Jazzercise!!!

And speaking of yellow buttercream roses, I love this ♥ And no fat or calories! Yummy!

Photo courtesy of pbrigitte zombuki via Flickr


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Happy birthday! Don't forget to use your Jazz hands...

Naomi said...

happy belated b-day!!

i pretty much feel the same about my b-day's lately, so don't feel bad.

oh, and um, how are they going to remake let the right one in???? only spooky swedish children can make that movie the freakish-ness that it was!!

xx's and oo's.

Cheshire Kat said...

WHAAAAAAT!? BIRTHDAY!? How has this slipped under my radar? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!