Saturday, July 25, 2009

Etsy Yummies

Been receiving some nice little packages via some beautiful Etsy sellers lately:

This super cute fabric from The Fabric Bar from which I shall make some appliques:

I had a BAD experience with an Etsy seller, however, too (who shall remain nameless, but it was a fabric store). Has anyone else noticed you now have to hit the "Pay Now" button twice via Paypal all of a sudden? What the heck is up with that???? I only hit "Pay Now" once while trying to buy a yard of fabric, Etsy showed the transaction as being paid, and I never noticed I didn't get a Paypal receipt. So apparently, it didn't go through and the seller just decided to cancel the sale altogether! The only way I ever found out was because I searched for the transaction on Etsy and never found it, but I had kept the original email notification of the sale. I convo'ed the seller and told her it was a pretty crappy way of doing business, and she basically admitted she just cancelled the sale due to non-payment-- no convo, no email, no NOTHING. Mind you, I have 100% positive feedback. I read her the riot act a bit more, and of course, no response. Grrrrrr.......

On to my delicate little Snow Melon necklace from Edor:

Alllllll these cutie tooties from Delish Beads:

These dollops of buttercream frosting will make some tasty earrings!

And I haven't received this yet, but I bought this as a cover-up over Q's black leotard for ballet class which she will be starting in the Fall. Can't wait to see Bam Design's handiwork in person. Isn't it soooo cute!?

I just realized that this week marks Q's 1 year anniversary of being potty trained!!! Yayyyyyyy! One pee-tail down, one to go!!! :)

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Amelac said...

Soooooooooo, yeah. I have that same fabric, but in a different color. Of course.