Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zombie Heaven

Isn’t this kind of an oxymoron? Like since they are undead, aren’t they pretty much in purgatory? But maybe they would go to heaven if they incurred a blow to the head and officially died without the taste of human brains or flesh passing their lips. I think I just blew my own mind.

So even more than VAMPIRES, I know I have declared my love of zombies. Ryan bought me House of the Dead for Wii for my birthday (what a romantic). Not sure it can measure up to Dead Rising which I finished about 2 months ago and LOVED. Cuz there’s just nothing that can measure up to being able to impale a zombie on a spinning excavator while killing other zombies with his spinning body. I just added my profile to Filming in Detroit as a potential (unpaid of course) extra and was sure to note that any work as a zombie would be preferential. Ha!

More zombie goodness:

+Zombieland opens October 9! I think it looks hilarious—especially the part where the zombie bride tackles the groom. That Emma Stone is such a cutie too.

+World War Z opens sometime next year and will be directed by Marc Forster who also directed Stranger Than Fiction, one of my all-time faves! My bro and SIL gave me the World War Z book + the companion Zombie Survival Guide (which is great!) for my b-day LAST year. I need to get crackin’ on it!

+This may be more vampirey, but I still find this shirt very hilarious. I added it to my birthday wishlist, but my mom told me it was gross and too weird to wear to Jazzercise, and she wasn’t buying it. Am I freaking you out yet?

+I am a regular shopper at Tinaseamonster's Etsy shop. There are no words to describe Tina's genius. Two of my favorite things colliding-- just like peanut butter and chocolate in a Reese's cup:

+Last, but certainly not least, is Len’s Zombie Alphabet that I found via Junior Society. Sweeeeeeet!

Zombie Letters from

Hope you are having a marvelously zombie-riffic week!! Give me a shout out if you also love the zombies!!!! xo


Rachael said...

I love zombies. I've read World War Z about 6 times and always have a zombie related nightmare after. It's sooooo good. I'm so excited/terrified for the movie!

Petula Darling said...

I'm with you. I've recently become obsessed with zombies due to my inability to stop playing Plants vs. Zombies. I wake up with the "Zombies are Coming" theme song in my head, and now I've started designing a dismemberable felt zombie doll (too bad I'm too busy playing the game to actually construct it).
My brains, they have been eaten.