Friday, September 5, 2008

56 Days Til Halloween...Silver Shamrock!

I've had this Alexander Henry fat quarter since last year (well, with white background). I made a few appliques out of it. Made this bag for my shop:

And then I got on a roll. I started these bags with embroidered name banners for the girls. Please excuse the wrinkles and the cat hair! Need to finish up V's:

Sure, Vivian won't be trick-or-treating for a couple years, but if I don't do it now, I never will. I must say that Heat N' Bond and a glue gun are a non-sewing crafter's best friends! What great inventions.

Going to a doozy of a flea market this weekend, and I'm taking my mom. She lives 90 miles away. I tried to prep her-- told her we may need to bust our umbrellas out. She looked at me like I was nuts. I told her to grow a pair (I really did!). Be back Monday to show you some loot!!! A teaser, if you will, for the vintage portion of my upcoming Giveaway Bonanza... xo

Oh! Any of my local peeps know of any good kid's photographers?? I had a lady in Berkley who COMPLETELY closed up shop, no forwarding info, no nothin'. I liked her because she was simple and cheap. No stupid props, no weirdo backgrounds, just PLAIN kid's pics. Anyone, anyone??? I refuse to go to Penney's/Target/Walmart/etc. We had a bad experience when Quinn was 1.

OSB Update: Down 5 total lbs! Ugh...soooooo many more to go. :( This buttercup is going to try to keep her chin up though.


Cristin said...

Love the bags! So sweet... and congrats on the 5lbs.. I think I gained that much today...

Candace said...

congrats on getting into ducf!!! i love these bags. especially w/ the embroidered name. too cute!!

Alli said...

Those trick-or-treat bags are adorable! So much classier than the pillowcase I used to tote from door to door.

Congrats on the 5 pounds - that is nothing to sneeze at! Plus, it will only get easier as you build your habits. I think I should be following your example; I've only be gaining weight recently!