Monday, June 4, 2007


This stuff is seriously so sweet that it makes my insides feel all melty. I'm too giddy to sleep now!

Top Row (l-r): One Good Bumblebee, Sweet Jessie, A. Bel Emporium

Middle Row: Yuwa Japanese import fabric, the black apple, Everso

Bottom Row: Make Out Goods, Robot Candy, Littokids

5 comments: said...

I coveted that print from One Good Bumblebee for quite some time... and then I ended up ordering "Tallest Tree" from her. Super Cute pics!

rachz said...

thanks! i'm glad you likey the shoppie!! :)

amelac said...

thanks for the make-out goods love!

the wreath witch said...

lovely picks.

royaloaker said...

You're welcome, all, and glad you like my picks. :) Thanks for commenting!