Friday, June 15, 2007

Keychain of Fools

I made a keychain. Do people like keychains? I have no idea. I hope so because I bought a bunch of rectangular and round. I have a whole set of kid's reference books, and there are some freaky weird pictures of animals and birds and such I think I may use. I really like this birdie. Maybe I will dig through and find some other pics. Oh, and I think I may add a charm to them as well. Here's one I made for Jessie, but I could do any name of course.

The weekend will be fun, but busy. One thing is for sure--I will be listening to my new favorite cd (not very cutting edge, but it's so damn catchy and I heart Adam Levine-- stay tuned for Adam Levine themed blog post). Tonight, 2 friends and I are putting on Brandy's "Happy Shower" (work shower after work) at my fave pizza joint. Saturday, my friend, Lizzie, is visiting with new baby, Evan from South Carolina and we're going to try to make it here. Sunday is brunch with the parentals, hubby, and Q here. I'm already eyeing the crepes stuffed with berries and Michigan honey. Mmmm!

Have a good weekend, Lovies! Xo to all.

Additional Tidbit: I just realized that on Track #10 Kiwi, Rashida Jones (she plays Karen on The Office) provides additional vocals. Just for all you Office fans out there...

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