Friday, June 8, 2007

I Cheated on Etsy

...and I'm sore ashamed!!! Well, only a little. I know I could have bought similar items handmade, but it just happened so fast. I didn't mean for it to happen! I went in to Claire's (or Claire's Boutique as we used to call it) to simply buy hair clips, and I ended up walking out with the clips, a magazine tote, a change purse, and 3 pairs of earrings for like $30 or something ridiculous like that. Before you judge, look at these pics! Aren't they so cute?? That change purse? Two dollars flippin' 50. Earrings? Seven dollars for all three.

Let me also tell you I think that I was too old to be shopping in that store. What's the saying? If you are old enough to wear the stuff the first time around then refrain? I chose to ignore that rule. Even though my entire fifth and sixth grade existence revolved around jelly bracelets, rainbow ANYTHING, long beaded necklaces, and chunky plastic earrings. Also, multiple Swatches and plastic charm necklaces were objects of desire which apparently didn't make the cut for 80s trends this season. On a side note, you CAN, however, find some really cute charm necklaces from fellow Michigander Polka Dot Thunder.

I must also point out that my shopping luck continued. We are having a work shower for my friend next week. I was the $$ collector/purchaser. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU ARE READING THIS, BRANDY. I ended up with like $240, and was going to be able to get her TWO of her bigger bedding items if I were to add like 12 more bucks, but Crate & Barrel was having a lovely sale, so I got both her duvet, sheets, AND shower curtain and two towels!! How bout dem apples? I was pretty pleased with myself.

Anyway, please don't be mad at me, Etsy. It didn't mean anything. You know I love you. Don't look at me that way!

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