Thursday, June 21, 2007

Something Old, Something New

I met Danielle and Jim for coffee tonight. They are going to do a one-page website for me and flash banner for the DUCF page! Yay. They are moving on to greener pastures, however (sniff sniff) and moving to NY to work for Etsylabs! Congrats, you two. Anywho, I was pulling out some baby pics to put on my profile section and came across this pic. Dig the uneven bangs and big ol' eyes.

I got a lil' bit of crafting in when I got home. Maybe it was that floofy caffeinated drink I had (medium nonfat raspberry white chocolate iced mocha no whip) that gave me the energy. The hubby always gets perturbed when we get coffee to go (he's a venti dark roast. Period.) for obvious reasons. Made a few more door hangers and finished the inside of this paperboard suitcase. I just love it! And it was so easy. I'm going to put one or two decals on it and a cute "luggage tag" on the handle and call it good. I only bought 4 (2 red and 2 pink) because the rest were all beat up and scuffed in the store. I may have to go back for more...

SYTYCD update: Just got done watching tivo'ed So You Think You Can Dance...I think Faina and Cedric are OUTTA THERE tomorrow night. Which is a shame because I think Cedric is a sweetie pie. He's got such a cute little face. But they were not good. Lacey and Kameron kinda disappointed tonight, but my other fave couples Lauren and Neil & Sabra and Dominic were much better. WhooOOOO (a la Mary Murphy).