Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Dunno!

For those of you with kids, was it freaky to you when you realized that, indeed, your kids ACTUALLY understand what you're saying? Like they-- no doubt about it-- have pieced together the words you are speaking and act or respond to it accordingly? I mean, Q has been following directions for a few months now, but for some reason, it's all just registering with me. I think it may have been yesterday when we were going through all the animals and the sounds they make on the way to daycare. She has mastered a sheep's baa, kitty's meow, doggy's fuff, bee's buzz, horse's neigh, but then I asked her what a bunny says. She looked at me in the rear view mirror, stopped for a second, put her hands up and said "I dunn-no?". She'd never said that before and when she did say it, it was completely relevant.

Ok, enough with the kid talk. I received some baby wearables in the mail yesterday from American Apparel, and I finished up a new project idea. Kinda simple, but I'm obsessed with these animal images. They quite possibly may be my all-time favorite graphics. I practiced on one for Q and it came out pretty cool and distressed looking, but these are more clear. I have two each of the bibs and four of the onesies in varying sizes for DUCF! Hubby asked if I thought they'd sell. My reply? "I dunn-no!"

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Sarah and Jack said...

This is a bit of an old post, but I make these for Jack too! I use iron on paper, but lately whenever I wash them the darn iron on's are bleeding. Does that happen to you too?