Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Ryan (the hubby) and I took Q to his friend/co-worker's house for lunch, play time with their twin boys, and to the park to play on a really cool splash pad which Q LOVED. I think we have a water baby on our hands. I was mad that I didn't think of something to bring ahead of time, so last minute (seriously, like 5 minutes before we left) I cut some flowers and some lemon verbena to give his friend's wife from our garden. I was feeling rather Martha and proud of myself, although I don't know how much they were appreciated. I was happy to cut some of my asiatic lilies because we can't have them cut in the house (apparently they are very toxic to kitties). As for the lemon verbena, I never knew what to do with the stuff, but I saw a recipe for tea in the last MS Living. And here are some other ideas from Gardenweb.

Also, I have a lovely snack that makes me feel all yummy and Nigella-esque. It's fat free greek yogurt with either lavender honey OR this sweet pistachio spread I bought from Zingerman's for Ryan for Father's Day. It is sooo good.
Ta ta for now...I think Oberweis is opening soon. The wait is killing me!

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