Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tooth Fairy Pillows!

So here was my inspiration. This was my tooth fairy pillow when I was a kid. My friend's mom made it. You put your tooth in the pocket of the little pillow then put the whole thing under your sleeping pillow. Then the tooth fairy leaves some $$ in the pillow!!! Ka-ching!!!

Here is my first un-stuffed tooth fairy pillow. If I haven't adequately made the disclaimer, I am NO embroidery expert. This is like the first time I've embroidered (well, except for my class) since I was like 10. He's kinda sloppy, but I really like him!!! He was made with lotsa love anyway. He was supposed to be giving the thumbs up, but it kinda looks like is holding a toothbrush instead. I especially like the back fabric (it's the bottom one). I am going to make a pink/green one too.

1 comment:

Sarah and Jack said...

I still have my very much cherished tooth fairy pillow too.

I think Mr Tooth there is pretty cute. Embroidery takes so much patience!