Sunday, July 15, 2007

One That Won't Make Me Crash My Car

Well, I went to my first estate sale Friday. I was kinda nervous (I get nervous when I do anything new-- I can't help it), I went alone, and I didn't know the protocol-- good thing I didn't try to haggle because someone else did and they were strictly informed that "[the estate sale company] is not authorized to take lower price offers until tomorrow." I would have felt like a moron.

Anyway, the whole thing affected me-- I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but I felt really sad watching other people just rifle through this deceased couple's things like nothing. There was a whole box of photographs too, and I am sure they weren't important pictures (well, I hope not anyway), but it just really weirded me out. I guess I'm going to have to develop a thicker skin if I'm going to make this a habit. I did purchase four really nice children's books and some tiny aluminum molds (maybe to make something unnecessary like Amanda?), so obviously I wasn't too scarred. And my friend loaned me this card she received in the 70s or 80s which I love. It is much prettier in person and has lots of floofy glitter all over it.

So my weird emotions carried over to today. I received my first international order from Spain (thanks, Ana!), so I was all excited except I ruined my last door hanger, so I went Michael's for supplies to make more. I took the scenic route downtown Royal Oak, and Huey Lewis' "I Want a New Drug" came on the radio. I had the overwhelming desire to blare the song with my windows down in my VW (with a carseat in back) and sing it at the top of my lungs. So I did for no particular reason besides wanting to look like a total idiot which I think I accomplished beautifully. "Whoooooo HOOOOO. Suck on my new drug, yuppies!!!"

I also worked on some "embroidery" (I use the term loosely) this weekend. The concept was good, but I am so impatient and haphazard, people, that the finished product left some things to be desired. Ryan, Q, and I also went to the west side of the state this weekend to visit my parents and some friends, and my mom sewed a few little things for me on her ancient and tempermental sewing machine...I'm a little embarrassed, but I will show you be continued.


amanda bel said...

I know what you mean about estate sales, I have gone to some and had to walk right back out without even looking. Just had a creepy feeling, the hairs on my neck would stand someone/thing did NOT want me digging through their old stuff!
(And, by the way, you fixed my computer!!! Yay! I love you!)

royaloaker said...

Eesh, I just had a creepy feeling myself when I read what you wrote!!!! I was in a room by myself in the basement and all of a sudden I got a little freaked. :)

Yay! Glad I could help your computer. Damn Internet Explorer (and Blogger too!).

Sarah and Jack said...

Estate sales *can* be a little sad, but I try to remember that the family has already taken what they wanted from the stuff. Certainly our kids cannot keep EVERYTHING we own, they wouldn't have room for anything of their own then, KWIM?