Sunday, July 8, 2007

Back to Craftin'!

All of our out-of-town guests are gone, and it's back to business! I finished some little girl's yo- yo hair doo-dads. Q doesn't have a whole lotta hair, but they sure looked cute in it. I think I'm going to make a pink one with the kitty button center just for her.

I also love these pendant necklaces! Before the MICE show, I had seen the Martha Stewart plastic pendant kits at Michael's for $7.99 (too expensive!). I tried to figure out how I could make them myself, but of course I couldn't find the pendants. At the MICE show, I bought a lovely necklace from Relish Dress, and she created them from the larger flat glass beads. I decided not to give up and I finally found some more like Martha's than Melissa's.

I also love the hip kinda keychain chain instead of the standard black or brown cord, so I actually emailed Melissa, and she gave me her blessing. Thanks, Melissa!!! I backed them with a very cute polka dot velveteen. I'm trying to figure out which I like better. I think I'm leaning towards the cuckoo clock...

I also finished up a raffle donation for DUCF-- A La La Land Trinket Box in pink and a set of Wee Berry Push Pins. I am waiting on my *new* business cards to enclose one, but I tried to package it up all cute to send to Stephanie ASAP. Also, the bane of my existence STUPID door hangers are almost done. I actually ruined one today and had to start all over with it. I'm getting those things shipped off Tuesday. I will be so relieved when they are OUT OF MY HOUSE!

Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend, all! I've been off work since last Tuesday, so tomorrow is going to be painful. Xoxo.

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Melissa said...

You're welcome! :) I didn't know Martha had pendant kits!