Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You're My Inspiration

Sing it, Peter Cetera! After DUCF, Mama has some work to do. I will be listing every item not sold during DUCF (which I'm sure will be a-plenty) and THEN I am on my new adventures of decorating (drumroll please)......my new craft room! Ryan caved, although later stated that he had "veto power" to which I replied "veto power my ass". That's my passive aggressive Ryan though. I s'pose I'll keep him though.

My inspiration is this repro kid's hankie I just bought. I love the two shades of green with the red. I'm thinking green walls, lots of polka dot oilcloth covered shelving, paint chipped farmhouse table (which I already have), lots of red painted metal shelving, etc.

Also in the not-too-distant future will be Q's toddler room. She'll be 2 in November, and we are realizing that we are not going to be able to sell this house before another kid, therefore, she will be moving to our room, baby in hers, and us to downstairs. I've been planning this since I got done with her nursery. I'm seeing lotsa Japanese fabrics with hedgehogs and bunnies and mushrooms, deep red walls, a mural like this (maybe James can help me out) with some elves, gnomes, Black Apple girls, etc. gracing the other walls. Trying to figure out how to tie it all together. Thanks to Amy for letting me borrow her pic of the tree and birdcage which I so love!!! That is wallpaper if you can believe it. I stumbled across it today. I also bought a mirror from a favorite store in my hometown that is wooden with an elf head at the top and aged-looking mirror. Will post a pic next week!


sweetjessie@comcast.net said...

Baby? What Baby?!?!

royaloaker said...

No no...just thinking ahead. ;) Nothing (that I know of) to report. Hee hee.