Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When Hate Mail is Good!

So I bumped into Carol Sunday at Target (she's a fellow MICE!), and she said she has a new website! I just love her cards. Some of my favorites include "Nice parenting skills, Jackass" written all pretty and flowy also "There's no 'I' in moron". Sigh. Also love her HateMail minis and may buy them to feed my road rage (ie "You park like an idiot"). Love it! Here's another of my faves:

Not only are her cards friggin hilarious, she's super sweet and you can tell she's the friend you'd do nutty stuff with. Oh, and apparently another woman recognized her at Target after I saw her. Her hubby blogged about it here (scroll down to the 7/16/07 post). Too funny.

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