Tuesday, July 10, 2007

See What Brown Can Screw Up for You

I am going to apologize ahead of time for this post and the forthcoming rants, but I AM HOT!!!!!! I've finally decided that UPS hates me (and at this point, the feeling is MUTUAL). Let me explain...

December 2004: I order an "I Heart Jake Ryan" tee shirt for my sister in law as a Christmas gift...like WELL BEFORE Xmas. UPS says it was delivered, I never receive it, had to get a whole other order sent out from 80's Tees. UPS SUCKS.

March 2005: I order maternity clothing from Old Navy. UPS says it was delivered in the morning. It shows up already opened on my doorstep later that evening (like LATE that evening). Obviously it was misdelivered to one of my neighbors who decided to open it up to peruse the contents. Nice.

December 2006: Ryan orders coffee from Peete's in Berkeley, CA. UPS says it was delivered. Ryan calls on a Saturday to report misdelivery and Peete's has to re-deliver the order.

TODAY, July 2007: Ordered business cards from Overnight Prints. Waiting to send some orders out (wholesale order included) because I wanted to include my new fancy card instead of my crappy hobo handmade card. UPS says it was delivered. NO CARDS IN SIGHT. Called UPS who said I needed to call Overnight Prints. Before I hung up with them, they wanted to confirm I was home all day. NO I WASN'T HOME AND I'M SURE NO ONE WOULD WANT TO STEAL MY BUSINESS CARDS AND NOT LIKE THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED $@%%$#^%w%&$.

Waited on the phone for 20 minutes for OP to tell me they would follow up with UPS. I said I wanted some compensation for shipping because they weren't here when they said they would and that I didn't care if they had to recup it from UPS or what, but I want compensation (dammit!). Ryan says I'm being a beotch and that it's not their fault. And being the attorney that he is doesn't think I should post this "slanderous" post. I disagree. UPS can suck it, and Ryan is sleeping on the couch (just kidding).

What good is a tracking system if the dude(tte) in brown thinks they're delivering to me but are really delivering to some other house and they are too dense to know it????!!!! That is all. Going to print my new card design on crappy perforated cards. Not happy. I hate UPS. Over and out.


Marissa Fischer said...

So not fun. Yikes. I hate messed up shipping. errr.

Cheryl said...

I LOVE IT! Not the screwed-up way that UPS treated you and your sweet little cards...but YOU! I love you! Well I don't know YOU as I just found your blog today, but I love your attitude, your blog and this post. :) Glad it got figured out. But geez...
I'll be tuning in here again...what a fun gal you are! :)