Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stupid Piles of Craft

I have a new-- albeit slightly pathetic-- Friday night regimen which involves my People magazine crossword puzzle (which I can finish in less than 10 min flat due to my useless pop culture knowledge), craftin' on a TV tray, and DeGrassi High (the NEXT generation). Ever since the demise of Fifteen and the original DeGrassi Junior High, I've felt a void in my life regarding bad Canadian teen dramas. That void has been filled by The N (yeah, "it goes there").

I have become increasingly disgusted with the complete and utter chaos of my craft workspace. I thought it appropos to borrow the Pile of Craft phrase from the Charm City Mafia today because A) I love it; B) That's how I feel especially today; and C) Today is their first Pile of Craft show! I love their poster too. Too cute. Good luck, ladies and gents.

Here is the only picture I could stand to show you. My workspace is basically my husband's office which is painted burgundy with dark wood and manly art on the walls, bleh. Things are all over in no semblence of order. Crafting supplies are eeking out into our main living area as well. We need a bigger house. Why can't I just have a workspace that looks like Jenny's. Is that too much to ask?

On a happy note, I forgot I had this ribbon, and I just found it. It's polyester, so it's a tad stiff, but I love it anyway. And also, do you all like my new flash banner at the top right corner? Courtesy of Danielle! It makes me so happy. Tonight is my crafting class with some of the MICE girls which should be fun. There's also wine involved, so that's fun too.

Coming soon...the new Girl Land webpage!!!! EEK!

2 comments: said...

I need that pile of fabric!

micetsy said...

oh i love degrassi! the old and the new!