Monday, June 11, 2007

Thriftlicious Fiction

I'm not a die-hard thrifter, but I definitely can relate to those who are. When you find something soooo cool (my friend just found a Diana camera for $5.00), I think it releases endorphines or something. I could totally become a thrifting addict. I think I'm on the edge.

During my daily blog reading, I gather that most crafty types are habitual thrifters. I've only been slightly exposed to it. I like flea markets the best, I think. I used to be a pretty avid garage saler, but now I just don't have the patience. The thrift stores around here are ridiculous-- lots of high priced crap because they know people will pay big bucks. I'm nervous to attempt estate sales. I've heard scary things about wristbands and crazy old ladies thumping people's kneecaps with their umbrellas to edge them out of a sale.

The point of my story is that you may love the book Second Hand by Michael Zadoorian. I guarantee you will all relate to this book yourselves or know someone who is Richard. As I've started reading it again, I think my friend, Dave, wrote this book and that Michael Zadoorian is his nom de plume. Oh, and for those in Michigan, it is set in Fashionable Ferndale, so that's fun. And if you buy a copy of the book, I'll ask Dave to sign it for you...

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