Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father’s WEEK?

My mother always used to tell us as kids that our birthdays were neverending. Well, now I know how she feels. Father’s Day started Sunday with the hubby sleeping in, getting candy, a Zingerman’s basket, and brunch. Yesterday, he worked only part of the day. Today, I drove his car to work to handle his windshield repair and even filled up his gas tank on the way to work (well, I was FORCED to because I thought Q and I were going to run out of gas). I don’t remember Mother’s Day lasting 3 days…oh well, I suppose I owe him these things and then some!

On a crafty note, I am taking a glass etching and embroidery class with some other MICE this weekend. Maybe I will be able to turn out some new wares using my new skills for…..(drumroll please)…..THE DETROIT URBAN CRAFT FAIR! Yayyyyy, I got accepted. I am seriously in shock. I am half thinking they might have sent it to me in error. Hopefully not. Now I’m trying to figure out when the heck I’m going to have the time to make all this stuff I said I’d make. I’m real good about buying the supplies—actually making the stuff is another story. And still plodding along on my wholesale order of these. Gawd, do they take forever! Between the painting/drying, tea staining/drying/flattening, cutting, pasting, and sealing, I’m door-knockered out.

Last thing, Q and I have a playdate scheduled with Amy and her cutie petootie daughter who is only 2 months younger than Q. Probably no crafting involved, but a park and a “ride” (Quinn’s word for slide) definitely will be. How fun!!!

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