Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today = D-Day

In which the "D" stands for DIET. That's right-- no more excuses. Today, Vivian is 6 weeks old, and after my OB appt, I received the official green light for exercising (due to my C). I am pretty motivated. We're not having any more kids, so I think in my brain I know it's time to get back to my fighting weight.

I have like 40 lbs to lose. But it does give me hope that I was the lowest weight of my adult life 3 years ago right before I got pregnant with Quinn.

Anywho, long story long, I know what to do-- it's just maintaining the gumption to do it. Wish me luck! Any diet tips or healthy recipes or inspirations would be much needed and appreciated!!!!!

As a last hurrah, I did indulge last night. This stuff is made locally, and it is liquid gold, friends. Anybody out of state ever see it or taste it? Over vanilla ice cream with some pecans, it's sinful.

One more thing-- bummed out that I pretty much missed out on my peonies blooming. They bloomed and died like in 4 days! All that was left when I went to cut some yesterday were these which are starting to look decrepit. Dang-o!

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cyndyava said...

Hi Sarah, If you want a great diet...I finally signed on to Weight Watchers. I needed to check in weekly and track my progress. I also needed the meetings and the actual "diet." In other words, what to eat and how much. Their point system is brilliant. After my daughter was born I lost twenty pounds in six months. Then I got happy with myself and gained it all back. I'm about to join when school gets out for summer (I'm a teacher). I know I will not have any more kids, either. I don't want to be pre-baby. My body shape has changed entirely. Let me know which diet you decide to go with.