Sunday, June 8, 2008

Worst Embroiderer Ever

I have been meaning to complete this Gnome Embroidery that Andrea offered on her site for for awhile now. I think he will look splended nestled in amongst the Black Apple prints on her bedroom wall.

I was going to get a transfer pencil from Joann's, but just ended up using a quilt pen that I had laying around. I stuck my fabric on top of the image on my light table and traced it.

I do like the linen-y fabric I used so that the white showed up. The gnome has light blue around him (looks white). I did the whole thing split stitch and it just looks super messy. It also ended up as an abbreviated version because I got lazy AND then rationalized by thinking I didn't want to use any bigger of a hoop than my work hoop on Q's wall. I have to get a wooden one from Joann's and paint it black. Can you get painted hoops anywhere? I want a black one but I don't want plastic. Also, I googled this, but it doesn't look like it exists-- can you embroiderers tell me if there is a paper for ink jet printers that you can print the design on then iron it on to your fabric? It HAS to be out there somewhere, right?

I pulled out my Sublime Stitching book FINALLY and had forgotten how much I loved the backstitch. I should have done that for the whole thing. Oh well. I did the "Q" with it, and of course, that looks best. Now I know for next time. Not very Gnome-tastic, but Q said, "Oohhhhhh, it's byoo-i-full, thank you, Mommy," so that's all that matters to me.

I don't know what's gotten into me, but I also baked up a storm yesterday! Not so good for my diet, but I felt pretty accomplished even though I just made simple stuff. Banana bread from 4 funky bananas I'd been collecting, and Ryan came home with 3 containers of strawberries yesterday, so I made shortcake to go with. Just the Bisquick box recipe, but man it was good!

Q and Ryan are at the zoo, V is napping, and I need to shower. Adios, amigos!

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