Monday, July 28, 2008

Sick of Pee

Ugh. The smell is permanently in my nose. Between my kid, and my two RETARDED cats, I can't get away from it. I shouldn't say that-- Q is doing great...just a few dribbles here and there. My cats on the other hand. They've decided they like to piss on the part of the plastic cat pan liner that sticks out. So disgusting. This is one of THE ONLY times I wish I were pregnant again. So I don't have to clean the fargin' litter boxes. Bleh!

How was your weekend? Ours flew by, and I was too lazy to take any pics. Saturday was chock full of fun. My loverly friend, Katie, and her 3 super cute kids came all the way from Kalamazoo, and we ordered in pizza and went to the zoo. She's a great mom-- I need lessons from her. And the girl is sickeningly gorgeous. And what makes her more so is that she doesn't know it.

[Hi Kate! I need pics if you have any!] Don't you love it when your real-life friends read your blog??? It cracks me up for some reason (Danielle...and Shelly...and Amy...Ginny...).

Anywho, after the zoo, my couz came over to make Pancake Puffs for Quinn. Have you seen this pan? They were good, but I was challenged in the flipping department.

Then we were off to a swim party hosted by yours truly! I work for a local municipality, and I won a family swim party at the city pool at an employee appreciation lunch last year. The weather and turnout was great (38 people in all!), and my kids were SOOOOOOOO exhausted at day's end. This post is short on pics, so here's a Polaroid emulsion I did from a slide from 1960 that was labeled, "Rosamund". Very pool party-esque.

One more week of freedom before back to work! Where did the summer go???


Cristin said...

I'm preety sure Graham peed on every surface of the house when he was training... oh yeah... we're not done training... now he's pooping all over the house..

You really wanna come visit my house now don't you???


Apron Thrift Girl said...

Sorry about the smell. There isn't anything quite like it. I must admit, the least green thing I do in our house is use Tidy Cat crystals in the litter box. It wouldn't help the plastic edge though. We tried the natural stuff and our entire house smelled of cat. That's where I draw the line.

Kate said...

So glad my kids are of the cute variety... :) And as for sickenly gorgeous, yes I think ELLA is too. I wish I looked like her...

We had a blast. I am sending you the pics now. There is one video of Q in the fountain, but I didn't know my camera sucked at taking video.

We had a blast and would love to make it longer next time. Oh, and I highly advise you pick up a copy of Parenthood without Hassles* by Kevin Lemam. It was written in 1974 and except for a few things it seems to be chock full of timeless advice. You are doing a great job. But I know it's hard. Especially in the friggin' heat!