Sunday, July 13, 2008

Totally 80s

Like many Etsy sellers, I like to stick a couple little freebies in my Etsy orders. I usually add old school candy, 1 or 2 small vintage playing cards, teeny kawaii stamps, or erasers. I had the *brilliant* idea that I wanted to add scratch n sniff stickers. I remembered this was my fave scent (natch) as a kid so I thought there HAD to be a source:

I about DIED when I found the Trunk of Prettys Etsy Shop. I immediately emailed the link to the shop to my oldest friend. Every single thing in her shop evoked nostalgia for me. Unfortunately, the cake sticker is like $1-2 here and anywhere else you look.

I really loved looking at everything, but really, what would you do with the stuff? I actually found these notecards at that GREAT estate sale a few weeks back, but I ended up selling them. It made me happy because the girl who bought them really loved them.

Anyway, back to ToP's Etsy shop, I had to email my mother a link to the Purple Pieman mint in box. Reason being is that in the height of my Strawberry Shortcake obsession, I asked for a villain, preferably PP. She refused because she thought he was gross and ugly. Uh, isn't that the point?

For some reason, I had 2 Strawberry Shortcakes. Maybe I got a duplicate gift or something. Due to the lack of protagonist, I was forced to make SS #2 into an Evil Twin Strawberry Shortcake!!! It just wasn't the same. I kept confusing her for the good twin, and it all went to pot. I like to remind my mom regularly about how scarred I am that I never had a Purple Pieman...or a Big Wheel...


naomi said...

I was obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake as a child! I still have some of my dolls, including the baby doll that burps out strawberry scent when you squeeze it's stomach.

I also have a whole box full of my scratch and sniff stickers and about ten albums full! I was even more obsessed with stickers!! Actually, I kind of still am.

I still have all my Garbage Pail cards too which I keep thinking I should do something with.

Oh, to answer your question, I am dying for a margarita!!!


cyndyava said...

Oh, how I looooooove Strawberry Shortcake, always have. And that Trunk of Pretties is to die for. Thanks so much for the eye candy!If I had the money, I'd buy everything in her shop for my daughter and I. I was a big fan of the scratch and sniff books, but never knew about the stickers. I may have been too old!

Audrey said...

We love scratch and sniff stickers. We have always owned stickers. My girls love them.

Jenna Z said...

I was totally obsessed with stickers, especially scratch and sniff, when I was younger. I had albums and albums and one of the biggest fights I ever had with my best friend back then was over a sticker trade that I agreed to and then thought was unfair. It involved a sticker of a unicorn with a rainbow horn sitting on a sofa watching a tv and a scratch and sniff ravioli-scented sticker. Fair trade? You decide. Anyway, you can still buy Mello Smellos,
Not the same exact graphics but much cheaper. :)

tammyCA said...

Lol! You'll have to go to therapy & send the bill to your mom. Too cute about 'evil twin'. :)