Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ebay Crazy

I've been spending some dough on Ebay lately, but I've found the cutest stuff! Actually, the most I've spent by far has been the Irmi lamp below for $20 which still isn't bad. Haven't received any of it yet, but I'm excited.

First off, this quirky pair of unused salt & pepper shakers with lenticular eyes ($5.00 which includes shipping). They wink! Quinn's been all into salt & pepper with her kitchen, so she can use them.

A doll high chair for Q ($15.00 which includes shipping):

Some flocked deer miniatures for dioramas. Aren't they so cute? They look like Kunstlerschutz knockoffs, but still way cute.

And now some cute Jack and Jill stuff for V's nursery. The lamp!

And a cute vintage hankie ($3.00 which includes s&h).

Ooh! I think my highchair is being delivered as we speak. Over and out!


Sarah and Jack said...

Your Jack & Jill lamp looks more rectangular than mine? Man I love tht thing. I still need to replace the wire so Jack can use it though.

(I would steal that hankie if you were my neighbor! LOL)

ismoyo said...

What wonderful finds! Really great buys! That lamp is amazing.