Sunday, July 27, 2008

Old School Supplies

Man, I did not like going back to school. However, there was a certain excitement surrounding back to school shopping. My favorite school supplies included:

1. My red Trapper Keeper that I cut open (my bro gave me the idea) and slid a pic of Prince into circa 1984.

2. My Hershey's Chocolate metal pencil case that I inadvertently scratched the paint off of while trying to remove the price tag with scissors. I cried. Where was Goo Gone when you needed it? I did the same thing to a Fred Savage poster. Now why would you put a price tag on paper? Stoopid.

3. Some Trapper folders that had pictures of 80s guy's blue jean-clad butts on them. Loverly. Wish I still had them.

4. My Worlds of Wonder locker answering machine. I never had the cajones to use it because I thought people would think I was dorky. Still think it was ahead of its time.

5. This ditty. Still in mint condition:

Didn't you have a love/hate relationship with school supply shopping? What were some of your favorites???

Quinn and I stocked up on few things while at Target the other day...retro, no? I thought the erasers would be cute to stick in my orders.

In the wrealm of potty training, thanks for all the supportive words. Any and all tips or pointers are welcome! Q's mastered both #1 and #2 as long as she is just hanging around the house. I don't even have to prompt her, she'll go by herself. Though I am not ambitious enough to try undies during sleeping or out of the house yet, so she is in Pull Ups then.


Cheshire Kat said...

I give you 1,000 bonus points for having a Fred Savage poster.

My school supplies mostly leaned towards the Lisa Frank variety, which can still be found amongst my possessions. Just the other day I unearthed some pencils... I wonder if my leopard lunch box is still around...

naomi said...

i LOVE school supplies. picked up the owl notebooks at target myself! don't get the multi color pens though. they suck.

i already have all the girls stuff ready for school and find myself looking through it!

i am so thrilled to see trapper keepers back, although i have only seen plain ones so far, and i always went for the decorated variety....

i still have all my scented pencils from school!!

Stephanie said...

Is it cool if I admit I bought 3 packages of the Hello Kitty glue sticks? Actually, I almost started weeping when I saw them.