Friday, July 11, 2008

I Less Than Three...

♥ Midas Muffler at Woodward & 14 Mile Rd. My VW Dealership sucked $700 from me two weeks ago after my car seemed to have a coolant leak. They told me there was something wrong with my exhaust downpipe too to a tune of another $600. I said forget it-- took it to Midas and they fixed the prob for $33. If you live in this area and have a VW, do NOT go to Suburban Volkswagen. This isn't the first time they've screwed me over.

♥My new glue gun! From HOBBY LOBBY! I received a gift cert from my SIL for my bday and got a whole 15 minutes to shop (we thought they closed at 9 but they closed at 8). It's deluxe, baby-- cordless and high heat!

♥This scrapbook paper from HOBBY LOBBY. I used it to line the inside of Q's new record case. Before and after pics!

♥My baby. And this mushroom onesie from Sweet Jessie. She has been sleeping 8 hours straight these days. To quote my grandmother, "God love 'er."

♥The TV Gods. They are bringing back Sara on Prison Break!!!! I stopped watching after her head showed up in a box a la Seven. But now that she's coming back, I had to read the episode recaps online to get caught up. Gotta get ready to get my Wentworth on!

♥Michelle, our cleaning lady. Yes, we have one. It's my one splurge. Otherwise, we'd be living in squalor. She just left, and the place is Pine-Sol-riffic. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

♥My new Bobbi Brown lipstick called Tulle. I love it soooooooo much.

Have a great weekend, all!!! xoxo


naomi said...

Ms. Vivian is getting so big! She is beautiful!!

A cleaning lady.... I could only dream. We don't even have a dishwasher! Well, actually I have two, but they will usually only do THEIR dish, and they are away camping...


Sarah and Jack said...

Ah, Vivi is a doll!

I miss the cleaning woman. Really and truly. I dream of her. LOL

PamKittyMorning said...

That baby is cute and so are you!

Cristin said...

Love the shroomie onesie on sweetie little Vivian!!

Kari said...

Little Vivian is a complete doll!

Thanks again for the "heads up" on Sara's return (sorry couldn't resist the bad pun, LOL!) And, yes, I'm ready for some Wentworth swooning myself;o)