Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Estate Sale Stuff, More SYTYCD...

Vivi's my good luck charm! Well, it wasn't the score of the century like last time, but still some cute stuff including this:

The other few things are up in my shop. Wow, this little treasure already sold!

Didn't I say that I was supposed to be getting back to making stuff that I used to make? I'm now spending my time thrifting, estate saling, flea marketing, etc. I think it's because I realize I only have 3.5 more weeks left of maternity leave, and I will have no time to do it then. I guess I'm trying to get it out of my system. I have applied to DUCF though, and I'm so glad it's a holiday show this year. If I make it in, it will definitely get me off my arse. I have sooooo many supplies. Now I just have to make the dang stuff!!!!

So down to SYTYCD business. I think my new favorite couple is Courtney and Gev!!! I have a pretty massive crush on Gev all of a sudden. I think it was after his rhumba last week and his great solo last week. Whoooooo! I found this awesome rhumba remix on youtube with a Portishead song. Loves me some Portishead!!!!!!!!!
Am I talking to myself with this stuff? Is there anyone else out there that watches??? I still can't stand Jessica, and I'm still not a big Will fan even after their good Adam and Eve dance. But I'm thinking Comfort will be going home from the girls. And probably Thayne which is unfortunate.

Mia Michaels told Courtney and Gev they weren't the best dancers on the show, which may be true. But isn't the title "America's Favorite Dancer"? Not "America's BEST Dancer"? That's why Travis didn't win in Season 2. His personality was bleh. Anywho, I still love Joshua, but Gevney is a close second. :)

More boob tube talk-- I actually have to Tivo SYTYCD because Ryan makes me watch Ghost Hunters which conflicts. We are obsessed. It's like comforting or something-- our little routine. I love Jay, Grant, Steve, and DAVE TANGO! Especially when he did magic to make the ghosts come out. Classic. Apparently, he used to peform magic. How can you not like someone who performs magic???


Artsy Momma said...

I love SYTYCD so please keep talking about it I love reading other peoples opinions. Yep cant stand Jessica, I think Will and Jessica have a thing for each other but maybe that is just me hoping for drama!

Janet said...

Oh how I love me some Joshua. I have a mad crush on that boy. Hubby is being very understanding. :) There are so many great dancers this season...Mark, Gev, Courtney, Twitch, Kerrington(whatever F'd up way she spells that name...). I am pretty ambivalent about the rest but by far Joshua is my main man. :)