Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm Dyeing Here!

No, that wasn't a typo. Though I am really dying because Q and I have colds (don'tcha hate summer colds?). But last week I decided to dye a stash of Martha tea towels I've had for like forever and embroider them. For what, I have no idea.

I consulted my personal seamstress (just kidding, she's my friend), Karen, and she said the best dye to get is Dylon from Joann's. Of course, I loaded Vivi up, we headed into Joann's and no Dylon. Well, only in black and olive green. So I ended up getting one pack of Rit Rose Pink and one pack of Tulip Turquoise.

Ok, now to the dyes. First, the Rit. SU-HUCKED. Did not come out "Rose Pink", came out FUSCHIA-- nothing like the color of the box. Maybe my fault that I left them in too long, but the directions were really lengthy but not super clear to first time dyers. Also, said to disolve the powder in hot water which I swear I did. And had to put the stuff in a stockpot, etc. You can clearly see powder residue on here and there are white splotches on all of the 4 towels I did. I know I stirred them like crazy too!

Second, the Tulip. Super easy. Didn't have to heat the water. Did have to keep the towels in there longer (4 hrs vs. Rit's 30 min), but it went on evenly and no powder residue at all. A little pale-- not QUITE the perfect pale pastel shade of robin's egg blue. But far better than the Rit. So here's what I embroidered on the blue.

It's from a Japanese embroidery book. That's supposed to be a smiley face on the latte, but it came out weird. After filling in with the tan, I had a hard time making large enough stitches for the smile to show, and I kinda went haywire. And I can't make French knots. Ugh.

Next time, I will have to try the Dylon.

On a SYTYCD note, I'm so bummed Chelsea T. went home last week. BOO HOO. She was my favorite girl, and she was wronged. That damn quick step is the kiss of death! No fair. My man, Joshua, is still at the top of the heap though. This week, Jessica needs to GO HOME. I am afraid Thayne will be the next guy to go. I'm really becoming a Mark fan after last week's group dance! And speaking of the group dance, what's with Mia Michael's boner lately for Tim Burton? Though I admit I liked it. Except the weird Comfort baby thing. WTF?

Ooh, one more thing. There may be a big change in the Girl Land household. No, we're not having any more babies. I can't say anything else for now. Hopefully next week.


Sarah and Jack said...

You may be a walmart hater, but I noticed that dylon stuff there on Sunday.

cyndyava said...

Are you moving into a bigger place?
I love your embroidery. It's darling. What a great idea to do the tea towels. Will these be a new shop item soon?

Sondra said...

I can't wait to hear about the change. I'm wagering that you're moving. I'll split it with cyndyava!!

Now about the dye...I'm NO seamstress, but I have dyed a few things in my day and I would NEVER, EVER use Rit. Now I know you didn't ask me, but any time I have used Rit, I've had the same problems no matter the color. You're Su-hucks!