Saturday, July 12, 2008

Best in Show, Yo!

So my mom's garden club had a competition yesterday. You had to make an arrangement, but it wasn't that simple. They had a rule book with allllll these rules. What you could use, what you couldn't, height requirements, prop requirements, etc. etc. Basically, what you would see if you entered an actual floral show. Her super hip artsy craftsy friend, Marlene, came up with the idea. I would have loved to have done it too. My grandmother was a florist, so I think we inherited our interest from her.

Anywho, my mom checked out a painting from our local library (isn't that cool?) and used that in her display and as her inspiration. Check it out:

The container was a rusty wastebasket that her friend, who lives on several acres in the country, found on her property. I don't know a lot of the flowers, but I love the Queen Anne's lace and the bit of Spanish moss peeking out from the rusted hole in the bottom. I just think it turned out lovely. Like it was plucked right from the painting!

She got first place and Best in Show!!!!!!!!! Go, Janet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cristin said...

I LOVE that! The rusty bucket is my favorite part! Well done!!

cyndyava said...

Oh, how nice to have a creative mommy for inspiration and encouragement. I meant to comment on the post about her sewing room. I definitely see the apple didn't fall far from the tree. So cute!