Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is going to be a boring post for you non-watchers out there. For my fellow obsessed watchers, however, I have to get my two cents in. And my prediction for the Top 4 out there.

Yesterday's re-partnering really brought some dancers down and lifted others up. I now think the top 4 will be: Joshua, Katee, Will, and Chelsie. I thought Kherington and Mark were a train wreck this week. Damn that country two step, but that was just downright painful to watch.

Here is the order that I think they SHOULD be eliminated:

1. Comfort and Twitch
2. Kherington and Mark
3. Courtney and Gev

Winner being Joshua

Here's how I'm pretty sure it will go down:

1. Comfort and Mark
2. Courtney and Gev
3. Kherington and Twitch

Winner being Katee. I just hope Will doesn't get it. I think he's cocky and his choice in solo songs are cheese-licious in a horribly bad way (Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross??????). Well, we'll see what happens tonight!!!

*****Edit: Wow!!! Didn't see that coming!!! Wasn't a big Kherington fan, but I thought people lu-huved her. Au revoir, my cutie pie Gev Manoukian!!!! :( I'm so sad. So I now think next week will eliminate Comfort & Mark and the following week Courtney & Twitch.

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