Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Christmas in July!

Merry Xmas to me! I've been going crazy with internet shopping. Every day is Christmas as I get a package ALMOST every day. The hub has been none too pleased. Unfortunately, our mail comes really late in the day, otherwise, I could get the mail and hide it (just kidding, Ryan....sort of...) :)

I bought some pink pom pom trim from Ebay to make another pom trimmed lampshade for V's Jack & Jill lamp. Don't know why I didn't think to check Joann's since I was just there. Duh. Anywho, I received it and it was like NEON pink, not the nice medium pink as shown in the listing (the seller blamed my monitor). Urgly. So I stuck it in a bowl with some bleach and went to meet my friend, Babs, for lunch. Came back, and it was much better. Was a little on the raspberry pink side (as opposed to peach pink), but still a vast improvement. Here is the before and after.

Also, received all my supplies to make this lovey!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the keyfob instructions here. So easy to make. I didn't stitch them because my ribbon (isn't it so cute!??) was a bit thinner than the instructions showed, but I got the heavy duty Heat N Bond, and it's not going anywhere. Another stocking stuffer idea in case I get into DUCF, but this one's MINE!!!!!

Next up is this mushroom ribbon (which matches V's blankie!!!) on white webbing. I really REALLY love these fobs! I didn't know I needed one till I saw that ribbon.

On the boob tube front, Jessica injured herself on SYTYCD I read, so Comfort's back. Yayyyy...well yay for Comfort back and Jessica gone but not yay that she hurt herself. Haven't watched the show yet tonight because I'm craftin', and I have to have all my attention on it.

I have also decided to boycott Ghost Hunters International. No Jay or Grant, no Steve Gonsalves??? No Tango???? Only that annoying Brian, Andy Andrews who drives me slowly insane, and Robb. Anybody named Rob who spells is name with two B's is by default a d-bag. No joke.


Cristin said...

Big improvement on the pink.... yay bleach!

Love the key thingie... I wish I was crafty...

I only catch a little of SYTYCD at work.... I really liked Comfort... and think that is the coolest name ever.

Tracy said...

I'm with you on ghosthunters! My dvr is set to record it and for the past 2 weeks I have International??!!Whats up with that!

Sarah and Jack said...

The Key fob is sweet. I nearly cried the other day when my plastic one you sent me broke. I had to rescue the little cherries from the street! LOL

Cheshire Kat said...

Whoa, that really does match the blanket. I love it, and the one with the woodland creatures.