Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cheap & Cute Dresses

When Q was a tiny girl, I used to shop at Janie & Jack for her clothing. Especially dresses. But now discount stores have some of the cutest dresses out there that it's hard to lay down the dough at the higher priced clothing shops.

Case in point (V's yellow polka dot dress):

Target $9.35

#2 (Q's purple striped shirt dress w/ tulle edging at the skirt & reversible belt!)

Target $14.99

#3 (V's blue gingham dress):

KMart $6.99

#4 (my FAVE-- V's pink & green floral dress reminiscent of vintage bed linens)

Ready for this? WALMART $5.00

Although even with these bargains, I don't know as if I can pass up Janie & Jack's Strawberry Sweet line...when it goes on sale, that is. You know me-- I'm a sucker for strawberries.

Anyone else have any favorite cheap stores for clothing??

Happy weekending, all!! xo

1 comment:

tulpen said...

ACK!! So freaking cute!!

Do you have a Children's Place? They have really cute stuff and great deals.