Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sheeeeeezzzz Crafty!

Ahhh, gotta love the Beastie Boys. Ok, kinda getting my craft on a little. I laid out this tray to Modpodge tonight. Was going to paint first then Modpodge, but I didn't feel like hauling my paints out. Maybe it won't be such a chore after we finish our basement (AHHHHH) which won't be until the summer I'd bet, but the dream is there, my friends. The dream is there. Cuz you bet your A there will be a craft room down there! With soundproof walls and no phone and a lock on the door. And an organizing center to put all my wrapping paper...and a stand for my paper cutter...and a bookshelf...and my metal top farm table...and....

Anyway, tomorrow is hump day (huh huh), so that's good. Maybe I'll be able to slap a few coats on that tray tomorrow. Oh, but I ordered supplies for my Polaroid Emulsion stuff, so that's somethin' too I guess. Ok, dears. Bon soir!

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