Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trachtenburg Slideshow Players

So since we now have Wide Open West instead of Comcast, Q has been watching Noggin in the morning instead of Sprout. Not only do I LOVE Noggin for her and find the only super annoying shows to be Dora and Go, Diego, Go, I have been introduced to and am currently mildly obsessed with the Trachtenburg Slideshow Players.

Basically, they are a family consisting of mother, father, and 12 year old daughter who are modern day vaudevillians in a sense. All of their music is inspired by vintage slide collections purchased from flea markets and estate sales (We have something in common! See previous post). So they make this kind of unique indie music and when they perform, they play the slideshows in the background. How absolutely wonderful is that??

It reminded me of a band my husband told me about I think from the 60's or 70's? It was a band comprised of several kids and possibly the parents as well. In any case, most if not all of them were deficient in both tone and rhythm, however their parents kept coaxing them to perform and record songs. The only song I heard by them made me feel like I was silently going insane. In a good way though! I will need to post their name if I can get it from the hubby.

Anyway, all good stuff. I likes. Lots. Buy their DVD if you'd like to likes as well...

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