Thursday, December 4, 2008

Late DUCF Wrap Up

Has it really already been almost three weeks since DUCF? And about three weeks since my last substantive post??? Dang-o. I’m sorry, really.

This year’s Detroit Urban Craft Fair was GREAT. Like really really great and so fun. I have my crafty buddies that I only see at these events: Amanda (Dang Argyle), Amie (Enamor), Jason (Kill Taupe), and Sherri (Sparklepants Industries) just to name a few. I do get to see Amy (Make Out Goods) on a regular basis though, so that’s nice.

I only made two purchases. I bought this nifty print from Misanthrope Specialty Co. that will someday eventually make its way onto my craft room wall.
The second was a totally cute wall plaque from Sherri. I think it’s going up in our dining room.

How was everyone’s Turkey Day? Here was ours, in a nutshell:

+Grand Traverse Pie Co. crumb top apple pie

+Lots of Chateau Grand Traverse semi-dry Riesling

+Us “outlaws” (me and my bros-in-law) playing euchre, drinking heavily, and getting rowdy

-Someone in Ryan’s family telling Q that Santa isn’t a real person (luckily it went right over her head) because they thought it would be funny. I am still pissed. But, of course, I’m not allowed to make a big deal about it.

-The baby getting up at 5am every morning.

+The mother in law getting up with the baby at 5am (hey, she insisted! Can you tell I feel guilty? I totally do.)

+A trip to Hobby Lobby on Black Friday

-Realizing they stopped carrying the uber cool Moda and Daisy D’s scrapbook paper I always stock up on from Hobby Lobby (phooey)

That’s about it. More verrrrrrrry soon.

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Life'sJourney said...

love your blog.. Love Grand Traverse Pie Co. pies and Traverse Wine.. both from my neck of the woods!!