Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Basement & A Cheshire Kat Giftie!

So here's another Polyvore amalgam I have created. This is more piece-specific. What do you think? Too much?? Too many themes? I think the curtains may push it over the edge, and I would only use them to give the illusion of larger windows, but I still may need to nix.

Basement 2 by Girl Land

Look at the lovely care package I got from my friend, Kat!!!! I am a bad bloggy friend. I didn't send any gifties out this year. I'll get'cha back, Kat. I love how she packages her magnets and pins in these cassette cases. Too cute! Thank you soooooo much! Big smooches.


Jessie said...

I *wanted* to send out bloggie gifts this year, but I totally lost track of time. I just took inventory of my December, and realized where the time went. Oh well, I'll send out Martin Luther King Holiday gifts in January.

Meg said...

Love the little Christmas magnets!
*sigh* I'm so addicted to vintage

Early Bird Special said...

Ooh, I love the new piece selections! I do NOT think it's too much or over the top. I think it's perfect!

Love the cassette idea too!