Friday, April 3, 2009

Me Likey

♥The invitations for Viv's bday party (and packages of 8 soon to be in my shop! Just waiting on the envelopes).


♥Zac Efron dropped out of Footloose. Maybe they'll scrap it altogether. I can only hope. I say this only because I have the utmost respect for the original and I couldn't bear to see them do the same thing they did to Hairspray (sorry, guys, I know some of you loved it).

♥My kid. She was "writing notes".

This one said, "Dear God, please bring me a new toy". She amuses me immensely.

♥A Saturday with NOTHING TO DO (hurrah!).

♥Still being on track with my Skinny Girl Land mission even though I only lost .6 lbs this week and having the strength to tell myself now that I am NOT going to eat ANY Easter candy this year. I've had Cadbury Eggs before. I know what they taste like. And I'm NOT going to slide down that slippery slope *punches luscious cream-filled confection square in its nose*.

♥My hub being home from California. Wrangling the girls alone wasn't as hard as I had expected. I just missed him.

♥Our soon-to-be houseguest in the form of our 15 year old babysitter. She is staying with us for a few days while her mom is out of town. I'm looking forward to Wii'ing with her and dishing on Rob Pattinson. :) The girl is wise beyond her years.

Happy weekending all! xo


Cristin said...

Dishing on Rob sounds divine...And Efron is wrong... I was happy to hear that he bailed on the remake... the remake that is not necessary at all....

Have you read the WA updates?? Heartwrenching stuff... can't wait for more....

dang amanda said...

Q has the cutest cheeks and lil pouty lip.