Friday, August 7, 2009


Do you watch? Did you watch???? I am obsessed, and I love So You Think You Can Dance sooooooooooo much. I will have to admit that my front runner was Janette and that it was a sad day when she was booted instead of Kayla "we're all winners on this stage" Radomski. I can't believe this is the first time I've blogged about it this season because I almost think this season 5 has been the best so far.

I was so happy Jeanine won though!!! She has been consistently great, and only was set back a bit by her partnership with Philip. Without further ado, my FAVORITE dance by Travis Wall (God, Jason is a HOTTIE):

A very close second was Kupono and Kayla's dance by Mia. Lemme clarify-- I did think Kayla was a good dancer, but in the words of Mia Michaels, she "bugs the shit outta me". Even so, this gives me chills:

Also loved the Argentine tango with Janette/Brandon as well as the Wade Robson jazz number to Ruby Blue by Roisin Murphy also by J/B and the butt dance by Evan/Randi by Mia. Evan went to the girl's babysitter's high school! Yay for a fellow Metro Detroiter.

Oh, I almost forgot-- the tour is in October, and 4 of us are going. WE MANAGED FRONT ROW SEATS!!!!! I fully expect to be able to feel the sweat flinging off the dancers. Loverly.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. I just looked at the clock! TGIF!!!!

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Artsy Momma said...

Totally jealous. I am just super excited I dont have to wait forever for the next season. And glee to boot! Wed. never looked so good!