Monday, August 17, 2009

Still Here...

...and still summering! I apologize for the brief hiatus. Cross my heart I am trying to get back into the swing of posting on a regular basis. These pics were taken along the Detroit Riverfront at the Ren Cen Plaza last weekend. We had so much fun! That place is wonderful.

Oh, and pssssttttt...DUCF 2009 applications are now up! Trying to get my brain together to narrow down what I want to make so I can get my app in.

What is new with you all? In a nutshell, I have been signing Q up for ballet, planning a party at our house, planning some handmade gifts, eating lots of ice cream (bad, bad!), still Jazzercising, Wii'ing, estate saling, zoo'ing, having some fun with those two little girls of ours, and last but not least, figuring out how I'm going to handle my boss leaving for another City (he's been at our City for 28 years and my boss for 12 years!). Phew!

Can you believe summer's almost over?? I have to admit something-- we were watching The Office last week. It was an old ep where Michael goes to NYC, and he decides to go get a "New York slice" from his fave pizza place (Sbarro, ha!!!). He was all bundled up, and you could see his breath and MAN did that make me crave some cold weather. Am I sick or what???

Another reason I'm looking forward to cold weather-- it's been over TWO YEARS since I first mentioned my Lovely Bones fixation, and it appears that it's official release date will FINALLY be December. The trailer is amazing. I can't embed, but you can watch it on the official site. My brother is skeptical of the CGI heaven scenes (as am I), but even moreso is Mark Wahlberg's portrayal of Mr. Salmon. Maybe I will eat my words. I was just so excited about Ryan Gosling that it's hard for me to picture anyone else in the role. Have you read the book? Have you seen the trailer? I predict Stanley Tucci will be the best part of the film. He looks super creepilicious!

xo and more soon!


Jen said...

I totally agree about Mark Wahlberg in The Lovely Bones. Ryan would have been perfect. I know he is a little young but when he put on the weight and grew that bushy 70s beard it just worked. He is such a great actor. Peter Jackson is silly for replacing him.

dang argyle said...

i LOVE that top photo. the blue. the edges.