Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Annnnnnnnnnnnd Scene!

So you guys are all right. I have received emails (thanks Denise, Theresa, and Michelle) making sure everything was A-Ok. It is! I promise. :) Just getting caught up with LIFE. Feeling disorganized and unmotivated is not a great combo. I feel a little like Jessie Spano on pep pills (except I'm not really scared...).

But I got a grrrrrrreat little pick-me-up from Alli yesterday. She sent me a postcard from Greece.

On the back, there was a little dialogue that went something like this:

-Woman on left: "oh yeah, check out my ruffle."
-Man on left: "She and her stupid ruffle. No one ever admires my man stockings."
-Woman in center: "why can't I have a ruffle like that?"
-Man in center: "What a ruffle *dreamy sigh* Anyone want to change partners?"
-Children: "How long do we have to stand here awkwardly?"
-Couple on right: "What the hell are we doing here? Dear God, please let Vesuvius erupt and put an end to our misery."

I giggled all day about the ruffle. Snort.

We decided at the beginning of the summer that we weren't doing a vacation this season. The girls are horrid in the car, they don't sleep well in other locations, and it's just not fun with them. V has to be shadowed all the time, and Q is, well, three. And wherever we go, we'd need at LEAST two rooms and even that's difficult because the girls totally wake each other up. I know, I know. Woe is us.

Anyway, two weeks ago, we'd had it and decided we needed to make a break for it. I still have NO IDEA how we got it, but we found a vacant cottage only 1 hr 10 min from our house. Right on Lake Huron. It was reallllly fun. The water was freezing, and the temps were only in the 60s, but both girls had their own room, and so did we. They slept GREAT and were perfect in the car. We so needed a break. Only bad side is I ate my weight in s'mores and Ashby's ice cream.

That's about all. I've been party planning my Twilight Screening event for next weekend. Seriously, this is going to be the mother of all Twilight parties. I'm making up games and designing the party favors as we speak! Here's a little taste of one of the favors...Ryan said he is officially scared of my dorkiness. HA!!! I found small bottles of body glitter at Michael's-- 6 for $2.00! They were in the princess birthday favor section, so they needed new labels:

Happy Hump Day!!!


Alli said...

Okay, let's get this straight - eating one's weight in s'mores and ice cream is NEVER a bad thing. Calories don't count on vacation, right?

Also, I soooo want to come to your Twilight party. It looks like it's going to be totally and completely awesome.

I'm glad you like the postcard! Sometimes I have to figure out odd ways to amuse myself on digs, and writing silly things on the backs of postcards seems to work well.

Jenny said...

Awesome, I soo wish I lived in Detroit and was your friend so I could come to your party :(

Kate K said...

Man, I am bummed I am going to miss your partay. Hope it's wonderful. And it's great that you got away and loved it. Yay!