Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coraline Obsessed

My niece's 8th birthday is coming up, and she wanted the Coraline movie. As a result, I decided I needed to see it to get ideas of some possible accompanying handmade gifts by watching the movie on PPV. I know I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I'm now obsessed. I decided it was too scary for Q (I was freaked out!), but it was right up my alley. I bought my own copy today.

So far, Sophie's getting the DVD and this awesome dolly from Etsy seller, Figurines by Ingrid:

Here's her bday card fashioned from a fun name generator from the Coraline website:

Q and I also made some pics of our OTHER selves this morning (creeeepy!):
Really, go visit the website! The visuals are amazing. More fun from the website:

Last but not least, I have been looking at some awesome pics from various Coraline swaps. Here is my absolute fave from Francie Horton (photo courtesy of her Flickr page)! The vintage Woolworth box??? The felted mouschka??????!!! To die for!

In other movie news, I took Q to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I bought her the book before she was born because it was one of my faves as a kid. Didn't think I'd like the translation into film, but it had its own merits for sure. Really liked Mr. T as Earl the policeman and Andy Samberg as Baby Brent. Good stuff.

Hope you all had great weekends! xo

P.S. Viv's gonna be a hot dog for Halloween. To be continued...


Shayne said...

my daughter loves this movie but she is becoming a big Burton fan.

Cristin said...

The button pics are creeparific!! We all LOVED that movie... Graham bugs me all the time when he sees it on the PPV guide.