Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lisa the Butterfly

This is Lisa the Butterfly. Lisa the Butterfly was purchased by Q's father at the Minneapolis Airport. Here are some fun facts about Lisa:

1. When she sleeps, a monster wakes her up.
2. Her tongue got blooded because she was bonked by a car.
3. A mouse was trying to eat her.
4. She likes to be walked around with a leash attached to her tongue.
5. She is Q's new best friend.
6. Q likes to warn her about stranger danger. As in, "Don't go with any other butterflies, Lisa, or you will be killed!" I swear, we don't say that about strangers...exactly.
6. She'd better not touch Q's ice cream sundae or she's getting a time out.

Sooooooooo was anyone else reading Sweet Valley High circa 1985? It was my life. That and going to Circus Circus every day after school for ring pops and slushes. Circus Circus was an ice cream/candy store/arcade a block away from our middle school. It had an awesome tiny merry go round and penny horse rides in front. It was torn down to build a parking lot I think in the late 80s.

But I digress. I also read the Sweet Valley Twins series a little later on. I was a die-hard. And that damn Jessica Wakefield-- I had a love/hate relationship with her. So imagine my excitement at the news that Diablo Cody is re-making the book series into a movie! Pretttttttttty good.

I also learned a valuable life lesson in the pages of SVH-- you try cocaine-- even once-- you will DIE. Do you remember Bruce's girlfriend, Regina Morrow? She died. From snorting coke. One time. Had a heart attack. Burned in my memory forever. Seriously, even if I ever had the opportunity to try coke (which I haven't), I would have passed SOLELY because of this book, no joke. Good stuff.

Happy weekending all. xo


Ray Ray said...

Oh wow,yes, I loved these books too. I did a book report and made a board game on the earthquake one. And I watched the TV series a little bit. I am interested to see how the movie will be.

Alli said...

I never got into the Sweet Valley books; I was more of a 'Babysitters Club' girl. Now if only Diablo Cody would remake the Babysitters Club, I'd be a happy camper.

I do love teenage life lessons, though. I've started watching Buffy (I can only blame the vampire obsession), and have learned in the first two seasons that !!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!STOP READING IF YOU CARE!!! --------------if you attend a frat party and have one drink, you have a serious risk of being eaten by a snake-monster, and if you have sex with your boyfriend, chances are he will turn into a demon and attempt to torture you into madness. Ah, the trials of being a teenager today.

Cristin said...

I never read Sweet Valley High! I was such a loser.

Love the butterfly facts!