Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bella Swan

No joke-- today is the ACTUAL day of her birthday per the Twilight books. Yes, I am a super nerd. Yes, the party was last night and might I say, it was AWESOME. You can see all my Twilight party pics on my flickr page, but one of the highlights was Ms. Swan's birthday cake (I made the nerd disclaimer!). Here is the still from the New Moon trailer:

And here was Jen's version:

I painted the wooden letters on top silver. They weren't as cock-eyed as they look IRL. Found the gerber daisies and pink roses no prob, but couldn't find green gerbers, so had to go with Bells of Ireland. Bottom two layers were dummy layers. There were only 16 of us, not 100! :) We also played Twingo (Twilight bingo), and I made some prizes, but I realized I didn't take any pics! Boooooo.

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! The highlight of my weekend besides the party was Q's first official ballet class. Looked something like this (she's second from the right):

Have a wonderful week! xo

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Alli said...

Sarah, you are so awesome; I wish we were neighbors. By the way, have you seen this yet - OMG!

Ballet class pictures are adorable. I hope Q loves it!