Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Preview

So today was spent eating candy corn, unpacking my box of Halloween decorations, and listening to AOL Radio's "bloodcurdling, scary music". Halloween is pretty much as big as Christmas at our house. Sacrilegious, yes, I know. We also bought a strand of pumpkin lights this morning that plays the Halloween theme when you walk by it. Gooooooood stuff.

On a disappointing note, I didn't get into the Detroit Urban Craft Fair this year. I am bummed, yet a part of me is a little relieved that I am not going to be inevitably forcing myself to make stuff last minute. And I also understand I couldn't make it in every year. Maybe next year.

It's been hit or miss on the creative front-- I'm either REALLY into something or REALLY not, and I find myself happier plopped down on the couch with a book or Wii'ing than anything else lately. I was even debating closing my Etsy shop due to lack of sales BUT some great friends encouraged me and also reminded me it's free to keep my shop open (Thanks K & T!).

SO I decided to pep up the Etsy storefront today with a new spooktacular banner:

It was inspired by the Girl Land song lyric, "Come on in, look about, you'll go in a girl, and you'll never get out (evil laugh)". You'll just have to check out the Girl Land shop yourself to see the few Halloweenie items I have listed and my matching avatar!

We had a fun, fun weekend. Friday, we hit the new Mezza Grill in Royal Oak and Goodnite Gracie's for drinks with our neighbors. Saturday, was the So You Think You Can Dance concert. T'was great!!! Wanna see what front row looks like??

POW, ADE!!!!! :) Have a lovely week, all!


Ola Fumilayo said...

I don't remember by what ways or clicks I found your blog, but the title "Welcome to Girl Land" is definitely why I'm reading. We must be about the same age - my sister and me used to dance around to our Free To Be.. album, and try to figure out the meaning of this song (that took a few years of growing up girl). It was the strangest, creepiest number on the record.

Alli said...

The new banner is so cute! I'm loving the Halloweenie items, too. I also LOVE Halloween, but it's at a tough time in the academic year and it always seems to go by before I can get ready for it. I need to follow your example and prep for it as if it were Christmas. Sounds fun!

Joanna said...

I'm sorry that you didn't get into DUCF this year! It's always so much fun, and I spend way too much money :) Now I'll just need to stalk your etsy for Xmas!
p.s. I adore your new banner!