Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Two blog posts in one day! I can't wait until tomorrow to share. The Lovely Bones has been *partially* casted!!!! This is one of my favorite all-time books, and I have been periodically checking IMDB and also spending an inordinate (geeky) amount of time on the Message Boards trying to guess who will be starring. As you may know, Peter Jackson is directing. My vote was for Sofia Coppola a la Virgin Suicides. I think she would have done a super job, but I was a huge LOTR fan, so I think he will do it justice.

You can check the IMDB site for further updates, but without further ado:

Ryan Gosling...Jack Salmon
I am so in love Ryan Gosling-- I forgot to tell you that he's the Ryan I'm married to. Kiddin, of course! Although why anyone would (SPOILER ALERT) cheat on him with Michael Imperioli is beyond me.

Rachel Weisz...Abigail Salmon
She is in Ryan's top 5 famous people he'd be allowed to sleep with (ha!) along with Cate Blanchette, Lisa Loeb (??), and two more odd birds I can never remember because he always changes his mind.

Susan Sarandon...Grandma Lynn

Stanley Tucci...George Harvey
I like this pick. I can see this even though I was more picturing a Phillip Seymour Hoffman type-- more slobby, not as obviously villainous.

Michael Imperioli...Len Fenerman
Love me some Christofuh. Adrien Brody would have been more appealing though.

Saoirse Ronan...Susie Salmon

Figured an unknown. Thank God no Dakota Fanning. Neither Lindsay nor Buckley have been cast yet, however.

Ok, that is all. I'm so GEEKed (they call it GEEKed for a reason). Over and out.


Anonymous said...

No Dakota? Go to hell

royaloaker said...

Ooh, hostility! I like it. Better luck next time. Maybe she can get a part in "Dreamer 2" as that was such a big hit.

v-dub said...

Hi Sarah! It's Val, I am just reading this book now, I heard it was being made into a movie, I am so excited! I am happy with Ryan and Rachel I love them both!!

Anonymous said...

do you know who is going to be starring as ruth and ray??

royaloaker said...

I don't know, but if you check imdb, I think they update it pretty regularly. :)