Sunday, August 12, 2007

IKEA-- Where Crafty Girls Meet

Bless my husband's heart. It was a sad day in the Girl Land household. Ryan moved all of his things out of his old office *slash* my new craft room. He also took Q and I to Ikea which is like 35-40ish minutes away. I like Ikea in theory, but our house is very traditional, so I always feel the decor is a little too mod and hip for us. But I ended up buying some great stuff which I think will meld well with the retro feel of my new space. By the way, I'm following suit with this Ikea-themed post. Jenn voiced her Ikea love last month.

Sooooo, I got a desktop but had to order the legs, rolling file drawer for my decorative paper (I have buttloads of it), red and white ticking curtains, some small painted buckets and wonderful vintage-looking jars for a song! Looked for curtain rods and bracket shelves but didn't find much I liked. This week, I put Ryan's expert painting skills to the test-- wondering how much primer will have to be applied to cover up the dark burgundy walls. Hmmmm.

Also ran into Taryn of Talking Squid at Ikea. She's so sweet and so very talented. I owe my new attempt at embroidery all to her. Thanks, Taryn!

Speaking of-- my niece, Miss Sophia, has a wiggly tooth, and I am mailing this little guy to my mom on Monday to finish up a tooth fairy pillow for her. Hope it gets to her before it pops out!

I am really happy with how this turned out. This is my own design too. I am a little nervous about the quilting pen I used because it really isn't fading! I'm debating washing it or soaking it in Oxyclean, but I'm scared. Anybody? Yay or nay?

I cannot believe tomorrow is already Sunday. Bleh. I'm wishing for a gray day because I have so much to do inside! Makes me feel better about being a shut-in. Xo, Lovies!


rachz said...

soak it in Borax or Baking Soda. that should do the trick!

royaloaker said...

Thanks! I actually ended up just rinsing it in cold water, and it came right off! Phew.