Saturday, August 11, 2007

The No No Song

Did I ever tell you I am a pop culture junkie? I think I got it from my brother. If I were to ever apply to the World Series of Pop Culture it would be with him and his wife (let's do it, Joel and Ruth! ha). I like being addicted to pop culture. Although, Ryan gives me a hard time because I can probably tell you the name of every cast member from Lost, but ask me about politics and world affairs, that’s another story. Kinda pathetic.

I may have also gotten it from my mother who (and I’m not kidding you) has called me up on multiple occasions and will ask something along the lines of, “Have you seen Beyonce’s new video? That song isn’t very good, and she’s being downright nasty in it!”. About five years ago, she called me and said, “Have you heard of this group called Maroon 5?” I hadn’t yet. She also loves Queen, Gwen Stefani, and Prince.

Anyway, I’m apparently keeping the pop culture awareness alive. The other day, in the car, I asked Q what she wanted to listen to. I’m NOT KIDDING YOU, she said, “No No Song! No No Song!!” which translates to Rehab by Amy Winehouse (as in “They try to make me go to Rehab, and I say NO NO NO”). She loves it and gets this little bobble head thing going in her carseat. Probably not a kid's song she should be listening to, but ain't no way I can handle something like The Wiggles in the morning. Ryan will have to balance her out with teaching her about more important (less fun but way more intellectually significant) things. He has already bought her U.S. President flashcards, and the kid’s not even 2—lucky her!

On a crafty note, check out Crafty Chica's Amy Winehouse wig project! It's a riot!

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