Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Negative Nancy/Positive Polly

I'm going to warn you all that this post is going to be a lot of me whining, so if you can't take it, scroll down to #1 at the bottom. I need to vent though, so here goes:
1. Had a lovely dinner with Danielle (my Craven!) at new restaurant Town Tavern. Not so lovely were the two HUNKS of meat on my salad with 5 walnuts and teaspoon of bleu cheese for $15. And what restaurant, in this day and age, doesn't have a website? But you are smoke free, so maybe I can let SOME of your shortcomings slide. I said SOME.

2. I may be burning some craft bridges, but I don't really give a tiny rat's A. After inquiring if a certain local store that I like(d) would be interested in some of my products, I was told their clientele didn't really "'get' the indie look". Huh? I know some of my things are not *super* mainstream, but isn't that kinda the point? Plus, I feel like that was insulting to her clientele! Jessie, let's go knit some dildo cozies. Maybe I'll send Local Store Lady one.

3. More burning bridges. I understand people are busy, but can I PLEASE get paid for a certain large order that I filled??? I need something out of the whole horrible experience. I'm sure it's like a drop in the bucket of what you make. I might even be placated for a bit if I got to see my product displayed online, but that hasn't happened either, and all questions asked regarding status of said online and/or catalog display are never responded to. No more wholesale orders for me, I learned my lesson.

4. I don't want Seth Rogen to be famous. He's MY Seth Rogen. He's my Ronnie. Now he's going to be known as The Green Hornet writer? Blaspheme! Even though, I'm sure it will be good (dammit).

5. Stop ruining movies, people!!!! I just read Zac Efron is going to be in the 2008 version of Footloose. Stop the madness, just STOP! This may be unpopular (don't call me an idiot unless you're over the age of say 23), but High School Musical is a steaming pile of horse pucky. But then you had to go and ruin Hairspray. And now Footloose???!!! There is one Ren McCormack, and you, sir, are not him.

6. I'm not even going to start with the flippin homophobic homosexual, ahem, Congressmen of a cetain party affiliation. And what kind of PR people do these men have? Yes! Let's tell everyone you were scared that these large African American men were going to violate you, so you just offered them some money and a blow-jay instead. That's a wonderful excuse. And the one at the MSP airport? Yes, he has a "wide stance" and he put his hand under the stall to ask if the gentleman next to him could spare a square? You people are pathetic! Effing hypocrites, the lot o' ya!

7. There's no ice cream in the house.

I know, I know-- if the aforementioned are the biggest problems in my life, I'm a lucky woman. And I do know that. So I must close on some happy/love notes:

1. I love Naomi. She is a doll. And she's so together! I want to be like her when I grow up (although I'm almost certain she's younger than me).

2. My smart-as-a-whip niece, Miss Sophia, started first grade yesterday. Even though I don't see her every day, I think of her often. I can only hope Q turns out to be such a nice little girl.

3. I love all my real-life friends and that we make time to stay in touch and that you always think of fun things for us to do even though we're all busy. I'm talking to you, Amy F., Danielle, Lindsay, Amy C., Ginny, and Jana.

4. I love all my blog/craft friends and all the little words of encouragement and inspiration you give me daily. I'm in awe of your talent!

5. Wes Anderson, you old so-and-so, it looks like you've done it again. Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, AND Jason Schwartzman? Shut the front door.

6. Lindsay and Ruth have been cast in The Lovely Bones. I love that Peter Jackson uses unknowns. God bless him.

7. I have gotten over the weirdness of estate sales, and I am in fact hitting a doozy tomorrow.

On that (bi-polar/moodswinging) note, put a fork in me.


Glitter Workshop said...

i'm 32 : )

there must be something in the air. i have been a little less than friendly this past week too!

can't wait to work with you though and I hope the negative wholesale experience works out!

always make them pay first!!

xxoo Naomi

Sarah and Jack said...

Somehow it seems strange to me that they are remaking Footloose. But, my brain tells me, gee Sarah! They have been remaking movies forever. How about Cape Fear?

I guess I have a hard time believing Footloose is old enough to be remade. I guess Dirty Dancing is next?

I think the make them pay first advice is good.

royaloaker said...

I was dumb. I didn't know any better! This lady approached me, they are a larger company (that I admire), and she made it sound like 30 days was the norm. It's now been 48. She said, "The check is in the mail". Sigh. We'll see.

As for the remakes, I know Hollywood is remake crazy, but it only bothers me with certain movies. If they remake To Kill a Mockingbird, I will seriously never ever watch another movie as long as I live. That's my oath to you!

Thanks for the words of encouragement, ladies! :) xo said...

I'm currently angry with that very same large-ish company - I've been waiting over a month for a very overpriced fabric order, and they're not responding to my emails.

I'll get my knitting needles and meet you at the bar!

cyndyava said...

Hey Sarah,
Where did you get those adorable hankies? I would like to hang some in my dd's room.

v-dub said...

Hello! I haven't read in a while, WHOAH. LOL. I actually like these type of posts! It's normal to rant! I think I remember you telling me about the wholesale order at DUCF, that stinks!!! P.S. Zac Effron looks like a little lady, he's too pretty, he bugs me, him and Ashley Tisdale and the others. Footloose remade? What? Are they insane? They better not touch Dirty Dancing (I mean I know they did the Havana nights one but that wasn't a "remake")..or Grease 2, if anyone even dares to remake Grease 2 someone will pay. I already can't take anymore Hairspray talk. See now I am ranting! -Val