Monday, August 20, 2007

Drosophilia Melanogaster

We have a fruit fly problem, and it's completely grossing me out. I think they're from my husband's organic bananas (the regular Dole ones didn't have them, I swear!). What's even more gross is the contraption he's erected and his morbid fixation on seeing them dead ("I'm killing them all!" he just yelled). It's a paper cone set in a juice glass of apple cider vinegar, but then he felt the need to put it all together with packing tape, so some of them are getting stuck underneath the tape. It's really disgusting. And it's one of my nice Tuesday Morning juice glasses too.

I remember in 10th grade having to do experiments on fruitflies (I'm not kidding) in Mr. Kelley's biology class. We actually had to drug them with this really foul-smelling stuff we dipped a Q-Tip in and then stuck into their jar. Then we looked at them to see if they had red or black eyes and some more things I don't remember.

So as not to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth this fine Monday morning, I will end my post with some things that are currently making me happy!

Oberweis Apple Strudel Ice Cream:

Commercials for Season Three of Prison Break (Season Premiere 9/17!). I'm jonesin' for a Wentworth Miller fix:

Janie & Jack's Strawberry Fields line (just on sale!):

The hubby's baby quilt that Q now adores:

The hope of another lovely Michigan fall and (my favorite) Halloween!!!

And last, but certainly not least, my Kitschy Cute Wonderland courtesy of Amanda. I wanna jump right into that forest!


Sarah and Jack said...

It is the ether that smells so bad.

And I must be gross, b/c I make a similiar contraption to trap ours too. LOL

Do you have the Oberweis dairies there? (Not sure where you live.) We LOVE their summer smoothies.

amanda bel said...

Yay! I'm glad your goodies made it safetly! (They can be rowdy bunch, and those fawns are troublemakers!)